Our Object

It is to contribute to the achievement ofworld peace and well-being
of peace,with citizens in general as target.For that objective, we carry out
the projects which promote mutual understandings among peoples
by cultural exchange, such as the biggest painting in the world by children
and youth in various countries, help to solve various old-age issues,
develop the systems for improving the local disaster prevention abilities,
and raise welfare or disaster-prevention awareness by holding
seminers and symposiums.



Our Philosophy

At this very moment, many people in the world are being killed
by war or terrorism. Increasingly more people are dying or struggling for
survival, as victims of such natural disasters as earthquakes and
typhoons. In more and more countries and regions, the sauses of crisis
are not only hunger or epidemics, but also overpopulation and
ageing.In such circumstances, we have worked,and will work, hard in
attempt to nurture the body,mind,and heart of children as well as
to achieve peace and well- being of people.



The Organizational Summary

Non-profit Organization Earth Identity Project
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